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Micro Tutorial - Play with your White Balance for your Sunsets

Have you ever wondered what these white balance settings mean in your camera or during post-production in Lightroom? What's the difference between Cloudy and Tungsten? What is the impact on your images? Well, the easy answer is that it changes the colors of your image... In most cases, you'll want to have the right setting to present the true colors of your images. For example, you'll want the green of the grass to be green... Or that the color of your daughter's skin is natural... But sometimes you can use different settings to get different moods ... Like for a sunset for example. These 6 images of the sunset on the St-Lawrence river (Quebec, Canada) are variations of the same image but with a different white balance setting. Auto, daylight, shade, cloudy, tungsten and fluorescent. So what is your pleasure ... Warm orange (cloudy) or cool blue (tungsten)?

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