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Zebra stripes, savannah wildlife, patterned beauty, rayures de zèbre, faune de la savane, beauté à motifs


Jacques-André Dupont:
Wildlife Photographer & Speaker

Jacques-André Dupont offers engaging lectures and workshops for photo clubs, events and organizations interested in wildlife photography.

Black bear, majestic animal, wildlife portrait, ours noir, animal majestueux, portrait de faune

Discover My Conferences:

1. Journey of a Wildlife Photographer:

Dive into the enthralling journey of Jacques-André Dupont, a master of wildlife photography. This presentation reveals his adventurous travels, the art behind his shooting techniques, and effective strategies for promoting wildlife conservation through photography. A must-attend for wildlife enthusiasts, this conference will inspire and ignite a passion for the natural world and its preservation.


2. Planning Your Photo Safari:

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with expert guidance from Jacques-André Dupont. This workshop provides invaluable insights into organizing a successful photo safari, covering essential planning, logistics, and shooting techniques. Whether you're drawn to the vast landscapes of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania) or the diverse ecosystems of Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana), this conference offers the tools and knowledge for an enriching photography experience.

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